Summer School 2021

Every year we organize summer English courses at ILC Brno and it will not be different this year! Sign up by the end of June and get a 5% discount!


During the summer holidays we organise special courses for adults, children and teens. Kids improve their communicative skills and grow in confidence in their English while making new friends. Courses last one week and vary in content depending on their age. Small children play lots of educational games. Older children learn new skills and use different technology. 

Intensive two-week / week-long courses for adults are designed especially for those students who want to improve their communication skills as quickly as possible. The courses focus on spoken English and listening skills in a broad variety of everyday situations. Each day will be focused on a particular topic (e.g. travelling, hobbies, holidays, etc.). Students will also learn to use common social phrases and idioms correctly.

All courses are conversational, focused on developing verbal communication and helping students to overcome shyness.





  • English with Games (6-10 yrs., 2 200,- CZK)
  • Hollywood Stars (9-13 yrs., 2 200,- CZK)
  • Teens Making Teams (12-15 yrs., 2 200,- CZK)
  • Ready! Steady! Go! (6-15 yrs., 3 300,- CZK)
  • One week for adults (2 200,- CZK)
  • Two week for adults (4 300,- CZK)


Watch the video about Summer School 2020:





12. 7. 2021 – 16. 7. 2021 (aduls, children and youth)

19. 7. 2021 – 23. 7. 2021 (aduls, children and youth)


09. 8. 2021 – 13. 8. 2021 (aduls, children and youth)

16. 8. 2021 – 20. 8. 2021 (aduls, children and youth)

23. 8. 2021 – 27. 8. 2021 (children and youth)


Contact the school office and sign up today!


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