Inspection 2019

Inspection IH Brno, November 2019

IH Brno was inspected through a combination of meetings with students, staff, lesson observations, and meetings with managers. Findings are summarised below. The next inspection of the school is scheduled for 2022.

Client Experience

IH Brno has many strengths. Of particular note in providing a great client experience were found to be:

  • Students will benefit from excellent teaching quality
  • Management of young learners is very good. The school uses a class management method of an arrow divided into two halves (red -0 to 50 and green 50-100). This proves very effective through self-motivation or peer pressure.
  • Weekly intensive courses are given to local schools during the morning classes of “Project week”. Teachers present varied subjects of interest or particular knowledge with some input then groupwork, pairwork, etc. This has proven popular with the schools.
  • There is an organised and efficient management structure as well as functional IT system in place.


In a survey of clients, 98% reported they were learning and progressing, and 89% said they were treated very fairly and equally.

Staff Experience

Particular strengths of IH Brno in providing a great staff experience were found to be:

  • The support and preparation available to new teachers is second to none. Extra observations, a “Foundation” course and a mentor exemplify the commitment this centre has to quality in the learning experience. In addition, the pastoral support allows the smoothest transition for new teachers.
  • The range of courses supported and promoted by the centre is evidence of the importance given to the value of teacher development.
  • The quantity of provision and the quality of all-round professional development is excellent.
  • Teachers experience observation and feedback from observers of different levels and experience which all feeds in to improve their performance.
  • The attention to inclusion and diversity are highly recommended and the equality statement is exemplary


In a survey of staff, 100% reported they worked in a good safe environment , and 100% said they have knowledgeable managers who help them.


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