What is your name? :-) DixieGFX | photos | dixiea-web.jpg

Where are you from?  London.

Where is your favourite place in the world? Impossible to answer- I don't have one favourite place. I love Berlin, Kastropol in Crimea (and Crimea itself), Cape Town.... and so many other places because they all have important memories and meaning to me.

Why did you become a teacher? I became a teacher for several different reasons, but these are the main ones: I like working with people & helping people (and teaching is helping people develop/learn/improve their language skills), and I love love love to travel (which involves meeting new people and making new friends- another thing I enjoy a lot!).

What do you like most about teaching? The best thing about teaching is getting to work with people from all walks of life, hearing about their lives, what they like and don't like, their opinions, where they have been, what they can recommend in their home cities and countries... There's a lot to learn from them while teaching them!

What is your greatest strength as a teacher? I think my greatest strength as a teacher is being interested in each student, making the time getting to know them. I think it makes a big difference to the students' motivation and self-confidence, knowing that their teacher is making the effort to take an interest in them.

What do you like about the English (or Czech) language? Czech language is lovely! I grew up speaking Polish at home and for us Poles, Czech is funny. It's a pleasure hearing it every day and learning it. I also love hearing some students speak English while really holding onto their Czech accent, almost exaggerating it for entertainment value.

What is your favourite word in English? Constellation- because a few foreign friends use it when they mean "combination" and I love it.

What is your least favourite word in English? Three free... can't get my "th" and "f" in the right order when saying these two words in a sentence.

Why are you living in Brno? Since a very small age, I knew I wanted to live abroad (not being a big fan of London). My dream was Paris, then Berlin, then Cape Town, then somewhere in Italy. While looking for my first teaching job, I saw the job advertisement to work in Brno and there was nothing really I could fault about this city. It's a great place to start my life abroad (finally, 20 years after first dreaming of life outside of the UK) and Brno has so many interesting, beautiful and fun things on offer. The delicious coffee and cakes are a bonus too!

What do you like about Brno? Where to begin! Cake & coffee & cafes, delicious wines (including blackcurrant wine), the countryside which is super accessible, Bystrc dam, swimming in the dam or outdoor pools at the weekend or after work on hot summery days, independent cinemas, pub quizzes, summer cultural festivities, fireworks.... every weekend there is something going on! And in the summer... well, everyday there is something going on! You don't have to venture far to find something fun to do.

Why are you working for ILC International House Brno? I was very lucky to get a position at ILC International House Brno as my first teaching job! ILC Brno has given me an amazing opportunity to work, learn and develop as a teacher, in a fun and safe environment. I felt at home very soon after entering the staff room.


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