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What is your name? :-) Dave

Where are you from? In a suburban village outside London, about an hour from the centre

What place should someone not miss on a visit to your homeland? Having been lucky enough to go there quite often recently I can highly recommend Greenwich as one of the most attractive and interesting places in London. Lots to do and see, and a beautiful park to walk in too.     

What do you like most about teaching? What is your greatest strength as a teacher? I love being able to make a difference, even if it is in a small fleeting way.

What is your favourite word in English? Cake. Not only do I actually love cakes, but when you say the word it doesn't sound like a delicious slice of heaven! 

Why are you living in Brno? I've been here since 2000, and in that time I have seen Brno become an interesting, diverse and modern city. It really is a great place to live.

What do you do in your free time? Gina is a Smooth-haired Fox terrier and she loves walking and doing dog agility. I also quite enjoy cooking, but I'm not very good - my wife says I just need more practice.

What was the last picture you took on your phone? Almost all the photos on my phone are of Gina, running, sitting or rolling in something.

What was the last thing you listened to on your phone? I listen to a lot of different podcasts. I've recently found a few interesting ones connected to teaching and education and I'm still trying to work out which of them i like best. This morning they were talking about setting goals with your students to help motivation.     

What was the last present you bought for yourself? A new television. My wife and I had been promising ourselves one for about ten years.

What was the last thing you cooked for somebody else? I recently cooked an English Christmas dinner for some friends where I made everything from scratch, including the gravy, cranberry sauce and a delicious chestnut sage and onion stuffing. All homemade - no cheating!

If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be? An all-you-can eat non-stop buffet. I don't want to die.

If you could only talk to one person for the rest of your life, who would it be? My wife - boring but true. To be fair she is lovely.

If you could change places with one person for a week, who would it be? Gina. I'd still get to spend a lot of time at home and come to school except I would be able to curl up and sleep most of the day :-)


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