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What is your name? Michala Chatrná

Where are you from? (Proudly) from Brno, Czech Republic.

Where is your favourite place in the world? On the top of a mountain. Or in bed with a good book.

What do you like most about teaching? If all goes well, I like the energy in the classroom. Also, you can't really let your mind wander during the class, you need to be present the whole time and there's something nice about that – for an hour or so you don't think about anything other than the lesson and just focus on your students and what they need. I also like that I get to constantly learn new things – there's so much to explore! And what's great about teaching (and learning) languages in general is that you can bring in all sorts of different content and have some interesting discussions with your students while also practicing the language. It also attracts some cool and interesting people who are passionate about their job.

What do you like about the English (or Czech) language? I like the sound of English, how it rolls off your tongue. And I like that, in a way, I get to be somebody else when I speak English.

What is your favourite word in English? Feisty. Don't know why exactly. I like the sound of it – it somehow goes well with the meaning. And I'd probably like to be more like it.

What do you like about Brno? It has a good vibe. It's small enough not to feel anonymous and big enough to offer everything you really need for a comfortable city life. It's also becoming more and more international which is great. And I like its sense of humour.

Tell us about your favourite book / film / TV programme. I've recently watched a feature-length animated version of 'The Little Prince' and cried like a baby. One of my favourite books is 'Quiet' by Susan Cain – definitely recommend it to all the fellow introverts out there.

What was the last thing you cooked for somebody else? Brunch for a friend. Strictly speaking, I didn't actually cook anything, but I did make coffee and tea, and laid out stuff on a table (in an aesthetically pleasing way). As for some actual cooking, it was probably something boring and tasteless for my nieces. I made a cake for my friends recently though – I'm more of a baking girl.


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