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Registration to the conference is open!

ILC International House Brno Teacher Training Centre would like to invite all language teachers to "The Recycling Conference", taking place on March 12 (Saturday) 2016, at Sukova 2, Brno.

Methodology Course for Teachers - 10% DISCOUNT

Do not forget to register for the "Methodology Course for Teachers" - with a 10% discount by the end of May!

Christmas Party – December 10

All our students and teachers are invited, come and enjoy a Christmas evening!

About ILC International House Brno

ILC IH Brno is one of the leading professional language schools in the city of Brno, Czech Republic.
Is one of the oldest, privately-owned language schools in the country. We were founded in 1990 shortly after the Velvet Revolution as part of the ILC Group and was the first International House school to open in what was then Czechoslovakia.
We are a small and friendly school.

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