Summer School

During the summer holidays we organise special courses for children and teens. They improve their communicative skills and grow in confidence in their English while making new friends. Courses last one week and vary in content depending on their age. Small children play lots of educational games. Older children learn new skills and use different technology.


Summer Summer Topics for Children and Youth for Summer 2022


Play in English (kids, 6-10 yrs)

Kids will build their English skills and social skills at the same time as building Lego!

Learning through play has a very important role at all ages. Join us for a fun and relaxed summer course where the kids can play, build and learn.


Around the World in one week (pre-teens, 9-13 yrs)

Explore the world in English! Find out about different cultures and customs from all over the globe.

Explore, find and learn about new friends and places with us this summer. Discover exciting and exotic cultures and customs from close to home, to the other side of the world.


Think! Discover! Speak! (teens, 12-15 yrs)

This summer practise speaking in English; thinking about how the world works; and discover how to work together to achieve your goals. This fun, creative short course is an ideal summer refresher for teens.


 For more info about Summer courses please contact the office.




11. 7. 2022 – 15. 7. 2022 (adults, children and youth)

18. 7. 2022 – 22. 7. 2022 (adults, children and youth)


8. 8. 2022 – 12. 8. 2022  (adults, children and youth)

15. 8. 2022 – 19. 8. 2022 (adults, children and youth)

22. 8. 2022 – 26. 8. 2022 (children and youth)



Please note that our classical (or sibling) discounts don't apply to summer courses.


Course code
Days and times
Winter semester
Spring semester
Base price per semester
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5 x 4 hours weekly
Monday - Friday,
2200 CZK

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