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Entry Placement Test


We give all new students a test covering a range of skills and language points. From this we can put you in the best possible class. The entrance test is non-binding and free of charge.

We use different tests for children, teens and adults.


For adults the placement test consists of three parts:

     language - grammar, vocabulary and functions (either online or at school)
     writing - a short piece
     speaking - oral interview


Either you can do the whole test here at our school which takes around 50-60 minutes in total, or you can do the language part online and then come in to finish the writing and speaking (this should take around 20-30 minutes). After this we'll assess which level and type of class is most appropriate. 

The test for teens is similar in structure to the adults but uses different questions and the writing and speaking are appropriate for the age group.

The test for children focuses on finding what the children already know and can already say in English. 

If interested we can arrange a consultation with either the Director of Studies or a senior member of our academic team. This consultation is free, does not commit you to enrolling at our school. During this consulation we can advise you on the most suitable form of study with regard to your intentions and goals, and in what time frame you may achieve these.

All teachers meeting students for the placement test have received training in conducting and assessing the written and spoken tests.

For candidates who are studying with us already or have been within the last three months, you do not need to take the test. We only need the code or level of the course attended on the application form.



When enrolling on the courses by the end of June (or July) we provide early registration discounts, so do not hesitate to take the placement test and enroll in the course that suits you best.
If you do not know which course to choose, it is not a problem to change course later as long as it is the right level.


Online placement test


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