2022 Young Ones Conference

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Over the summer at ILC IH Brno we have been spending some time polishing our pistons, brushing down the boiler and washing the wheels.

Whilst you get yourself ready to board the train marked 2022-2023, why don’t you register for our Young Ones conference now and with your ticket booked you won’t have to spend the start of the school year worrying if there are enough seats available.


Taking you on the journey will be some familiar faces as we welcome the wonderful Kristyna Urbankova, Sarka Cox and Tom Mach back to the school. Chloé Zermatten from ILC International House Brno and Macmillan’s Vlaďka Skopcová boarded from their platform in Prague. Regular commuters Annie Aloyan, Anna Sigmund and Charles Du Parc from ILC IH Brno complete the line up.


The sessions cover a wide range of relevant topics whether you teach primary, secondary or young adults. The specialised carriages on our train cover topics from vocabulary to storytelling, and we stop off at the stations marked creativity, critical thinking, collaboration and of course communication on the way.


Conference programme (PDF, 1,8MB).


Conference presentations


And, as ever, Dave will be the train driver.




Can’t wait 

To see you!




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