Intensive studies 2021/2022


Do you have any plans for your future? Do they involve speaking English? With the way the world is always changing, our dreams and plans need to change too. One thing that doesn’t change is the fact that being able to communicate clearly in English will give you many opportunities to be a success. Students from ILC IH Brno have a strong history of achieving their plans and goals.


"How did intensive studies at ILC IH Brno change my life? Clarify what I wanted. And an excellent basis for studying at university. I think it was mainly due to the unique education system, always required time to devote to each student, how they needed." -Radim Klimek


But do you know what skills you need to succeed? Can you also do these things in English? If you can combine your English with the skills needed in the 21st century you will be setting yourself on the path to success. At ILC IH Brno we teach you English, but so much more as well. You will learn how to communicate, collaborate, think critically and be creative, all in English. 

You will become part of the International House network of schools all over the world, this simple fact gives you more opportunities, more connections and more ways to achieve your plans and goals.


"My one-year course has taken me to C1. I have been living and working as an English teacher in Tenerife for 4 years now. The professionalism of the ILC teachers is often an inspiration to me in my current teaching practice." -Nikola


All students get:


  • Personalised tuition 
  • Regular meetings with your class teacher
  • A complete exam preparation course
  • A certificate with your English level
  • A certificate stating what 21st century skills you can use in English
  • To join the IH network through events such as our IH Connections nights 


When you join the POM course at ILC International House Brno you are putting yourself on the right path and taking the first steps on a wonderful journey, your journey - the world is your home with International House.

Dave Cleary

Director of Studies


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