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From Europe to Africa, from Asia to the Americas, the network of International House schools creates a worldwide community of students, teachers and staff; one we at ILC IH Brno are delighted to be part of.


The way we live is being dominated by the pandemic, making the people we know, and the communities we interact with, even more important. We are very proud of our Associate Schools program where we work with local schools to support the English education of the kids and the teaching education of the teachers. Our Young Learner program here at school has a lot of children from the Vietnamese community, again we are very proud of that.



        A group of children from our Assoicaite School at ZŠ Brno enjoying their project day


And we also work very closely with our teachers here in Brno, and with many English teachers locally in the city and all over the Czech Republic. But the local community is only one part of our network, our global network with International House is filled with schools and people who share our values.


We have benefited and used this network in many ways over the years:


  • Our Young Learners have exchanged postcards with students in San Sebastian, Spain.
  • Our teachers have attended and presented at language teaching events at other IH schools in the UK, Poland, Belarus, Hungary, Slovakia, Latvia, Russia, Italy and Spain, amongst others.
  • We have had trainers come to Brno from many other International House schools (from around 20 IH schools at the last count).


And in the last 18 months we have teamed up with IH Acona-Jesi in Italy, IH Torun in Poland and IH Sofia in Bulgaria to create several IH Connections events. There have been discussions about Christmas and Easter traditions in the different countries, a Valentines ‘Date Night’, joint training sessions for the teachers from the schools; and a special Easter event with almost 100 children from the four countries coming together to share Easter stories and cook Easter chocolates.




Over the coming months and years we want to continue to use the International House network to benefit our students and all those that work with us. We are already collaborating with schools in Split and Barcelona on an Erasmus+ project, and we hope to do more of these and other kinds of shared projects with International House schools from all over the world in the future.


Our strength comes from the students we teach, the connections we have, and the people we work with. Why not join us and make the world your home with International House?


Dave Cleary

Director of Studies


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