Project Day

A day full of activities for children (9.00–12.15) with international teachers focusing on various topics, such as sports, cooking, traveling, life in English speaking countries, music, a guided tour of Brno.

Usually with a native speaker teacher, children will learn vocabulary about the topic and improve their English while doing the activity (e.g. designing a sport after learning sports vocabulary or cooking after learning cooking vocabulary).



Project Week

We have created a unique program for schools - ACTIVE EXPERIENCE ENGLISH with international teachers.

Every day we bring a different theme, a different experience based on the backgrounds and interests of our teachers - e.g. sports, history, travel, cooking, music. 


A project week typically runs from Monday to Friday 9.00 - 12.15.


Project activities are always organized in close cooperation with the partner school.



Pavla Milerski, Teacher trainer and Consultant,, 776 862 894, or

Lenka Vlková, Course coordinator - Associate Schools,, 732 686 274.



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