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On the basis of the Government Decree on Declaration of Emergency all courses at school (intensives, adults, children and teenagers) are suspended from Friday 13 March 2020 until further notice. For more information, follow your email.

As we strive to continue delivering quality language lessons for students of all ages and across all types of classes, from young learners through to teen exams, from conversation to individual lessons, from Wednesday, 18 March 2020, we are switching all our teaching online. Please follow your emails for full details.


We are using three strands in our online teaching:
  1. Self-study - materials or book pages and exercises will be added to your class MyCat page well in advance of your class. Depending on the class the self-study material might be for homework or done as part of the class time (just like doing a grammar exercise in class)
  2. Live chat with the teacher - for the entire lesson the teacher will be available online, usually through Zoom, for you to chat with and ask questions. There is a chat facility where you and the teacher can chat 121. Chats can also include smaller groups or the whole class
  3. Face-to-face - this is when you all come together with cameras and microphones on to work together as a class or in pairs and smaller groups (known as breakout rooms)


Each class will have a different balance of these three strands, but you can see from this that despite the change in how and where lessons are held we at ILC IH Brno are sticking to our core teaching principles of giving you the opportunity to experience English and improve your skills in a supportive environment.
Online lessons are something new for all of us and whilst we will all try hard not everything will go smoothly from day one. 

Thank you for your understanding.


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