Organisation of Teaching

Procedural Best Practices

I. Initial phase

I1.I Initial consultation based on customer requirements.
I2.I Entrance test of all students joining the course (included in the price), which includes:

verification of grammar knowledge
interview with an experienced teacher
a piece of writing
or listening test (at the request of the client)


I 3 . I Assigning students to groups based on the results of the entrance test and course requirements.

I 4 . I Approval and signature of contract / order.
I 5 . I The content of the course is decided during the first few lessons with the teacher focussing on the needs of the company and students. These learning plans include the textbooks, language points to be covered, the course goals, as well as the decision on whether any international exams will be taken and when training for this will begin.
I 6 . I ILC IH Brno will provide all standard teaching materials - textbooks (if required), including supplementary materials at a 5% discount on the standard price.
I 7 . I  The Client will designate a contact person to discuss any queries, changes, or complaints during their studies. In the case of dissatisfaction / repeated complaints about the work of the teacher, the Director of Studies will arrange the resoution of the probem (e.g. by changing the teacher).

II. Implementation

I 1. I  Administration - a separate register is maintained for each individual course (group), including a list of students in the group, an overview of the attendance, and a record of the lesson at each lesson, assigned homework, and a record of any tests.


I 2 . I As a rule, we give written mid-year progress tests. These progress tests measure the students' knowledge of the language covered and language skills. The test focuses on all components of language - grammar, vocabulary, writing, listening and reading.

Part of the assessment is a short comment by the teacher on each student.
It is also possible to verify students' progress taking international exams (Cambridge - KET, PET, FCE, CAE, CPE). We have access to past exam papers and speaking tests (some of the ILC IH Brno teachers also acts as examiners at the oral part of these tests).


I 3 . I  Billing is usually done once a month.

III. Completing the course

At the end of the training period - usually the school year, i.e. in June, the knowledge of the course participants is determined by the final test (End of Year Test). The participant will pass the course if he / she passes the final test with at least 60% - conditions of this test can be negotiated between the client and school.
Part of the assessment is a short comment on each student by the teacher and recommendations for study in the next academic year. 

Students can recieve a ILC International House Certificate upon request.


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