Business English (BEC)


The Business English Certificates (BEC) are designed to test the level of English used in business, services and administration.
Candidates who wish to sit these exams do not need to have any specific business knowledge as the exams test mainly the ability to communicate in a business context.
These exams are suitable for people who are already in work and need to communicate with their foreign partners, and also for those who are preparing for a career in business and would like to improve their chances in job market. A growing number of international companies use the BEC exams as part of their staff development programme.
Based on your level you can prepare for the following examinations:

BEC Preliminary

Business English Certificate PRELIMINARY is an examination for elementary and lower-intermediate level candidates. This level is equivalent to the Preliminary English Test (PET - general English Cambridge exam).

BEC Vantage

Business English Certificate VANTAGE is an examination for intermediate level candidates already in work or preparing for work in busniess, from general office work to production and financial services. This level is equivalent to the First Certificate in English (FCE - Cambridge general English exam).

BEC Higher

Business English Certificate HIGHER is aimed at students who have already acquired or are acquiring business and/or office skills. Learners at this level are expected to be able to handle complex structures and demonstrate knowledge of a wide range of vocabulary. This examination is at an advanced level similar to Certificate in Advanced English (CAE – Cambridge general English exam).


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