The Young Ones 2023

Dear teacher,


Just a quick note to say well done and thank you for all your hard work this school year (we don’t work together, but you can never hear the words “thank you” too often, and you deserve it).


Here at ILC IH Brno this year we have had a great time with some amazing students, Project Days and Project Weeks at local schools, and of course two wonderful conferences!


A big thank you to all those that attended and presented, your energy and enthusiasm were fantastic. We hope you took away some ideas and new knowledge to help you in your classroom.


It would be lovely to see you again at our next regular The Young Ones conference on Saturday 21st October at ILC IH Brno.


There will be the usual great mix of local experts, publishers, ILC IH Brno trainers and guest speakers from the International House network.


Confirmed so far are Young Learners expert Zoe Harris from IH Bielsko-Biała, and the ever-popular Glenn Standish from IH Torun making a welcome return.


We are hoping to have at least one, if not two more exciting returnees (keep it quiet but we’re looking at travel arrangements from Germany - hmmm, who could that be?)

Conference Programme


The Young Ones 2023 presentations:


Sylvie Doláková:

Let's Play Let's Move

Pronunciation Tips and Tricks


Vlaďka Skopcová:

Super Cool Activities for Happy Learners

Games and Activities for 6 - 8 year-olds


Glenn Standish:

Successful Communication with Lego


Peter Nobbs:

All Killer All Filler


Martina Weissbergerová:

Reading in English language teaching


Luis Eduardo de Oliveira Patrocinio:

Voice Care - How to Keep Your Main Instruments Healthy


Anette Igel:

Get me out of here! (Document)


Zoe Harris:

Flashcard Games for VYLs: Effectively Moving from Receptive to Productive Skills

Using Realia with Young Learners


Fernanda Riegert Borba:

Using Pictures and Images to Review Language







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