Developing Teachers

As teachers we believe that learning is a vital part of life, that when we commit to doing something we should aim to do it as best as we can and not be afraid to change, adjust and develop.


The modern classroom has changed over the years and we as teachers need to update our knowledge and skills to keep pace, and keep on top of both best practice and what students want. The Developing teachers course provides a range of input, activities and practical skills to help you do this whether you teach young learners and adults, big or small groups.

Your core teaching skills will get a boost, and there will be space to reflect and share with the other participants. The course will help you develop your skills and techniques for teaching in the modern, ever-changing classroom.
Hurry up and register. The places are limited.


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Dates & Times - Summer 2023

17th—21st July 2023, 9.00—14.30
14th—18th August 2023, 9.00—14.30



Base price

6000 CZK

Discounted price

5400 CZK



Discount Information:

  • All Associate Schools teachers receive a discount can register up to 3 days before the start of the course
  • All other teachers receive a discount can register at least one month before the course starts


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