Summer 2022

Basic:   6500 CZK
Discounted price:  5850 CZK
Premium:  8800 CZK (no discount available on Premium)


Discount Information:

  • All Associate Schools teachers receive a discount 
    • can register up to 3 days before the start of the course
  • All other teachers receive a discount
    • can register at least one month before the course starts
  • Teachers joining through the Erasmus+ program are not eligible for a discount due to administrative costs and issues


Premium participants get:

  • 4 extra sessions (Mon to Thu)
  • A focused look at you and your teaching
  • Group limited to 3 participants
  • Potential sessions might include
    • Personal video observation with feedback
    • Peer observation with feedback
    • Issues and challenges in your classroom
    • Personal mentoring
    • Micro-teaching
    • Focused learning outcomes from your lesson plan


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