Conference 2020 - meet our presenters

On March 14th you can participate in the 20th anniversary of the ILC International House Brno!


In the meantime, you can meet our presenters and trainers:


Anette Igel says "we'll be looking at ways how to reach out to all learners and making our classroom a welcoming place."

Charles Du Parc is challenging some conventional wisdom on L1 in the classroom "In this session there will be several activities that would have had teacher trainers from the past tut-tutting or worse."

Kristyna Urbankova "Is going to provide a few practical tips on how to exploit coursebook materials, so that it's enjoyable and fun for all the people involved :)"

Sarka Cox will present some of her old-time favourites - "I've used these language practice tasks numerous times and always go back to them."

Ben Herbert is helping you keep your exam classes motivated with "some practical hints and tips to achieve this."

Lily-Anne Young is helping you as she "Aims to take away the fear of teaching advanced levels."

Kylie Malinowska is "going to share with you my favourite activities and pieces of advice about teaching Young Learners."

Matthew Smith is going to take a practical "Look at some common myths and learner (and teacher) beliefs about English pronunciation."

Daniela Clarke wants you to "Come and get some new ideas for using games, music and video in the classroom."

Dave Cleary will consider our classes, where our students "are unique, bringing to class their own strengths and challenges - we all have mixed-ability classes."


And what do they think of ILC IH Brno and the city?


Anette Igel: "This school, the people and the town will always have a very special place in my heart! I'm always happy 'coming home' even if it's only for a short time."

Charles Du Parc: "Brno requires time - it reveals its secrets slowly. Then you can discover the architectural gem that is right above your head or that cosy pub selling amazing beer."

Kristyna Urbankova: "When I return at any occasion, it feels like being at home. I especially love the unique, friendly atmosphere...This positive attitude is somehow infectious, come and see!"

Sarka Cox: "ILC IH Brno conferences are always good fun and a source of practical ideas :) "

Ben Herbert: "I thoroughly enjoy presenting at IH Brno, as there is always such a positive atmosphere in the school."

Lily-Anne Young: "I am still here because Brno is a great place to live and work. Looking forward to seeing many people at the conference."

Kylie Malinowska: "I fell in love with the city immediately. (It's) an incredibly well organised and useful conference ... you have the perfect weekend!"

Matthew Smith: "It's also a place where I can be sure to bump into old friends and maybe also make some new ones!"

Daniela Clarke: "Teachers are amazing people, and with all the enthusiasm and energy flying around at the IH Brno conferences, it’s fun, it’s rewarding, and I feel that my work has a purpose."

Dave Cleary: "I love being able to make a difference locally through the work ILC IH Brno does, but also be connected to schools and teachers all over the world."


Read more about registration and celebrations of this important day. You can also join our Facebook event.


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