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New school year 

September is always an exciting time of year, it is a chance to start fresh, to try new and exciting things - like an English course! Here at ILC IH Brno we have really enjoyed welcoming students back into school for the first time in what feels like a very long time. And for some students it has been the first chance to meet their teachers in person!


We have also made a few changes this year, the most important one is the new Director of Studies. Annie Aloyan has been with the school for three years and is a fantastic, creative and organised teacher, and we are excited about her bringing those skills to her new role.


Summer school summary - adults, kids, teens 

This summer the school woke to the sound of kids and teens coming in every morning ready for another day of something different, something special from their English lessons. 


Hollywood Stars was with Martina, Jonny and Kati, and there was all things film and movies for the Pre-teens (ages 9-12). They did quizzes, talked about all their favourite things, and discovered secrets about their town!


The teens had team building activities all week with Will, Kati, Anna and Jonny. They solved a mystery, discussed the environment and climate change and made a Brno City Guide.


We have an even more exciting and interesting set of courses planned for next summer!



TTC - Developing Teachers round up and IHCYLT

Every year we work with Oxford University Press and Macmillan publishing to run summer courses for local English teachers; they might be at Primary or Secondary schools, or working privately, but they have one thing in common - a desire to improve and develop their teaching skills. 


This year we had teachers from our Associate Schools join us and everyone had a lot of fun, especially when they practiced by being students for each other! The teachers took away ideas and inspiration from the sessions with Charles, Pavla and Darina.


We are updating the course for next year, and it is accredited by the Ministry of Education and eligible for Sablony funding. If you can’t wait for the summer, come along to the IHCYLT course or join us in the spring for our Comeback Conference.


Intensives: The world is your home with International House

What dreams and ambitions do you have? Do they involve speaking English? With the way the world is always changing, our dreams and plans need to change too. One thing that doesn’t change is the fact that being able to communicate clearly in English will give you many opportunities to be a success. Students from ILC IH Brno have a strong history of achieving their plans and goals.

Do you know what skills you need to succeed? Can you also do these things in English? If you can combine your English with the skills needed in the 21st century you will be setting yourself on the path to success. At ILC IH Brno we teach you English, but so much more as well. You will learn how to communicate, collaborate, think critically and be creative, all in English. 

You will become part of the International House network of schools all over the world; this simple fact gives you more opportunities, more connections and more ways to achieve your plans and goals.

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IH connections

ILC IH Brno is part of the International House network, it is a worldwide community of students, teachers and support staff; a network we at ILC IH Brno are delighted to be part of. But how does it help you, our students?


  • Our Young Learners have exchanged postcards with students in San Sebastian, Spain.
  • Our teachers have attended and presented at language teaching events at other IH schools in the UK, Poland, Belarus, Hungry, Slovakia, Latvia, Russia, Italy and Spain, amongst others.
  • We have had trainers come to Brno from many other International House schools (from around 20 IH schools at the last count).


And excitingly over the last 18 months we have teamed up with IH Acona-Jesi in Italy, IH Torun in Poland and IH Sofia in Bulgaria to create several IH Connections events. There have been discussions about Christmas and Easter traditions in the different countries, a Valentines ‘Date Night’, joint training sessions for the teachers from the schools; and a special Easter event with almost 100 children from the four countries coming together to share Easter stories and cook Easter chocolates.

Over the coming months and years we want to continue to use the International House network to benefit our students and all those that work with us. We hope to do more of these and other kinds of shared projects with International House schools from all over the world in the future.


Read more here.



City Stories

Everyone at ILC IH Brno is excited about the City Stories project we are running as the lead partner with our friends from Split and Barcelona. For the project we are taking stories from our fantastic regions and turning them into Digital Escape Rooms (DER) to create fun, engaging activities for English language learners.


Typically a DER has a set of tasks that the player, or players, has to complete in order to ‘escape’ the room; for the City Stories project each DER is a sequence of rooms that require solving to escape the whole game. 


Initially the DERs will be telling stories from three iconic regions of Europe, focusing on the main cities within each. Split represents Dalmatia on the Adriatic coast; Moravia is right in the centre of Europe with Brno the cosmopolitan city in its heart; and from Cataluynia there could only be the cultural centre of Barcelona.


Our dream is to have City Stories from all over the world connecting people and inspiring them, through culture and language, to explore and better understand the world we share.


Read more here.



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