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Individual courses are the most effective way to learn a language. The advantage of this type of learning is high efficiency, especially for those who need to make progress in the language of short time or who need to focus on a particular area, such as participation in international conferences, giving product presentations to foreign clients or making conference calls.


Individual courses are tailored to our clients' needs and requirements. The focus of the teaching and where the lessons will take place is discussed during the first consultation.



The length and scope of the study programs are based on the needs of every student. Lessons can take place on weekdays between 7.00 tand 20.00; Saturday classes are also possible.



Our teachers use communicative methods. The lessons are student-centered, allowing you to improve your language skills. It will be necessary to speak English during all classes.



Our teachers regularly test your progress in all areas of the studied language, listening, vocabulary and grammar. This will give you enough insight into your progress. Based on results and individual consultation we can later adjust your next study program. This process ensures that your needs are met so that you can reach your full potential with your language studies.



Our teachers have an international certificate of teaching methodology CELTA or a specialized course in ELT Methodology for Communicative English Teaching. Based on IHWO standards, we also provide continual training for our teachers and we regularly evaluate their teaching methods and their professional growth. All teachers who work in IHWO need to meet certain selection criteria, and have passed a course in language teaching methodology. This process guarantees the quality of foreign teachers at our language school.



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