International House courses

Teachers of elementary, secondary and higher education institutions can choose any language course from our offer of group courses for the public (or an individual course), or integrate in courses accredited by the Ministry of Education and Youth.

These courses are courses leading to the deepening of professional qualifications, in the sense of § 10 of the Decree No. 317/2005 Coll., On Further Education of Educational Staff, the Accreditation Commission and the Career System of Educational Workers, as amended.


Accreditation granted

Accreditation of the educational institution:

ILC Brno s.r.o, ID 25575881, Sukova 2, 602 00 Brno, Ref: MSMT- 8873/2019-1.


Accreditation of training programs:

General English course for teachers of non-linguistic subjects at elementary and secondary schools (MSMT-1323 / 2017-1-92)

General German Course for Primary and Secondary Teachers to Achieve Level B1 (MSMT-29016 / 2017-1-1100)

Course on the development of language and communication skills for primary and secondary school teachers (MSMT-29016 / 2017-1-1100)

General English for Primary and Secondary Teachers to Level C1 (MSMT-7379 / 2018-2-260)

English Language Course Preparing for CAE Exam, Part 1 (MSMT-264 / 2019-1-54)

English Language Course Preparing for CAE Exam, Part 2 (MSMT-264 / 2019-1-54)

General Spanish for Teachers at Elementary and Secondary Schools (MSMT-264 / 2019-1-54)


Educational programs (courses) are accredited on the basis of the requirements of primary and secondary school lecturers so that they can be integrated and draw on the funds from the Template program.


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