Developing Teachers

Who is it for?

This course is aimed at language teachers of all levels of knowledge and experience. Furthermore, because the course content focuses on improving core teaching skills and developing best practice in classroom teachers from different backgrounds can all benefit, whether you mainly teach large groups of children or adults in a 121 situation.
The course is delivered in English.


What are the aims?

To develop you as a teacher, through reflecting on your teaching practise, learning some new techniques and methods, and getting some practical ideas for the language classroom.

How is the course set up?

The Developing Teachers course is divided into 4 modules - Setting Off, Breaking Through, Moving On & Stepping Up - which means that whatever your experience and background, there is a course for you. In addition the course is planned in such a way that it can be adjusted to suit the needs of the participants. Therefore, before each course we send out a questionnaire to find out more about the participants and the kind of support they want.

Why should I do a course like this?

As teachers, we believe that learning is a vital part of life; that when we commit to doing something we should aim to do it to the best of our ability and not to be afraid to change, adjust and develop.



CZK 4 900 per participant

(6,900 CZK with self-catering accommodation, 5 nights - summer courses only)


Discounts (only the course price):

10% if you have studied with us previously and for teachers from our Associated Schools

5% if you pay four weeks before the start date

(Discounts can be combined up to a maximum of 15%).



The course is 32 hours in total - 6 hours a day.

Download the leaflet with dates and prices in July and August 2020.



After successfully completing the course participants will receive a certificate from ILC International House Brno.



The course is accredited by the Czech Ministry of Education (MSMT-1323 / 2017-1-92).


For more information please contact the school office or directly Mgr. Šárka Cox, ADoS for Professional Development, mobile +420 775 094 753, e-mail:


These courses are organised with the support of Oxford University Press and Macmillan Education.


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